2. Servo

2.1. Introduction

In addition to supporting 485 control, the throttle control mode of the servo can also be controlled by PWM. The control modes are the speed mode and the angle mode.


Control modes of the servo

The control mode of the servo is switched through the official programming interface (Scratch/Python). This mode is recorded in the servo and will not be reset when the servo is powered off. Before using PWM control, confirm the current control mode of the servo.

2.2. Pin description

The 485 and PWM pins on the servo are multiplexed, as shown in the figure below:

No. Pin
1 485A/PWM
2 485B
3 VCC-12V

2.3. Control description

In PWM control mode, the input and output of the servo are described as follows.

Control mode Pulse period Throttle range Servo output
Angle mode 50Hz 2.5%-12.5% 0°-360°
Speed mode 50Hz 2.5%-7.5% 49-0 rpm (clockwise)
7.5%-12.5% 0-49 rpm (counterclockwise)

2.4. Python API

Refer to Servo.