1. Introduction

1.1. Introduction to the EP kit

The RoboMaster EP educational extended kit provides rich expansibility based on the RoboMaster S1 education-series robot. It provides complete courses and new RoboMaster exclusive youth competitions. All its programming modules are carefully designed to meet teaching needs, delivering new teaching and learning experiences and expanding the boundaries of education.

1.2. EP robot appearance

By using the RoboMaster EP educational kit, you can assemble infantry robots or engineering robots. Infantry robots are similar in appearance to the common S1 version, but equipped with upgraded software and hardware and many new components. With greatly improved extension capabilities, the upgraded robot can connect to third-party sensors through the sensor adapter, enabling more programming possibilities.

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Infantry robot

On the basis of the S1, major changes have been made to the appearance of the engineering robot. Specifically, a parallel mechanical arm was added to replace the gimbal structure installed in the center of the chassis, the image transmission system was retained, and a mechanical gripper was installed at the end of the mechanical arm to perform more complex tasks. In terms of chassis mobility and the overall extension capabilities, the engineering robot is similar to the infantry robot.

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Engineering robot

1.3. Website content

As an education-series robot, the RoboMaster EP has strong extension and programming capabilities. To facilitate user programming, the official app integrates the functions of Scratch programming and Python programming and provides a Python SDK, plaintext SDK, and other programming methods.

This is the technical development website for RoboMaster series products. It is designed for students, teachers, and technology enthusiasts who use RoboMaster series products. It provides users with technical guidance to facilitate secondary development of RoboMaster EP, allowing them to implement more functions and fun applications.

This website has four parts, as described below:

  • Quick Start
    This part summarizes the RoboMaster EP educational kit and the content of this website. It also describes how to install the programming environment and how RoboMaster EP communicates with third-party platforms to help users implement more functions.
  • Python SDK
    The RoboMaster SDK is implemented based on the Python language and can be used with the Python SDK software library RoboMaster series products. Currently, the SDK can be used with RoboMaster EP and Tello Edu series products. It provides an extensive set of APIs, including: motion control, flight control, intelligent recognition, lighting effect configuration, data push, video streaming, and audio streaming. In addition, its concise design enables users to quickly master it for learning and teaching applications.
  • Extended Module/Interface Description
    RoboMaster EP has more extended modules and interfaces than S1. This section briefly describes the configuration and usage of these extended modules and interfaces.
  • Plaintext SDK Description
    After using a third-party platform to establish a connection with RoboMaster EP, users can perform more complex and interesting operations on the EP robot through the plaintext SDK. This section details the functions, usage, and related protocols of the plaintext SDK.
  • Python Programming Description
    This section helps users develop the newly added functions and modules of EP in the built-in Python programming environment of the official RoboMaster EP app in order to implement more fun applications.
  • Version Description
    This section describes how to match the appropriate documentation to different robot versions.

1.4. Contact us

If you have any suggestions or comments concerning this document, contact us at RoboMaster-SDK GitHub.