1. Introduction to Python Programming

1.1. Introduction

The Python programming described in this chapter refers to connecting to the EP robot with your device and then going to the app lab to perform Python programming.

On the Python programming page, players are allowed to complete Python programming based on the basic syntax of Python 3.6.6. They can also write their own Python programs by referring to the RoboMaster EP Programming Module Manual <https://dl.djicdn.com/downloads/ROBOMASTER_EP/RoboMaster_EP_Programming_Manual_CHS.pdf> on the official website and Python API on this website to call the programming interfaces provided by RoboMaster EP. They can also assemble the generated Python programs into autonomous programs or custom skills.

The multi-device communication interface of RoboMaster EP allows multiple robots to communicate with each other through Python programming for real-time interaction between multiple devices. EP allows you to program custom UI systems and develop virtual controls in Python, enabling the flexible design of interactive interfaces and expanded EP applications.

1.2. Interface

To facilitate code editing, the PC app is generally used for Python programming.


Python programming interface on the PC